called in after lletz

I had a lletz under GA on the 19th Feb for cin3 . I was told on coming round that there was a large area removed and I had stitches and she said she was shocked at how much

Abnormal area there was . I knew by the way she looked at me that something wasn't right .I was in surgery an hour 

Anyway I received a phone call on Thursday 27th asking me to attend an appointment on Monday (tomorrow)

Its quick for results 

 They said they would write to me so a little concerned on why they want to see me 




awww good luck hun, i didnt wana read and run. it might not be cc so dont jump to concusions and try to get a good nights sleep 2nyt. i know that will be hard. but it could just be that they didnt get it all, or want to keep closer eye. if it is cc there is a lot they can do and im sure people on here will try to be of some comfort for you. im always here if you need to talk or want to pm me. again good luck hun x

Good Luck tomorrow, whatever it is you will be given the best advice and treatment! Every case is different and they may not have had clear margins in your LLETZ biopsy, therefore further treatment needed. I was called in quickly too but missed my phone calls-stupid me! Your in the system now and I wish you all the best x

Hi, wishing you good luck for tomorrow.  We all get worried when we get called in but its not always as bad as we fear.  Even if it is cc then treatment can be started to get rid of it.  Let us know how you get on, I will be thinking of you and keeping everything crossed.

My favourite word I used to repeat, and still do, is 'courage' (see post above).  It really gave me strength.


Thankyou for being so nice ladies. 

I can't stop thinking about it I buried my head 

in the sand for 2 years before I went for the llletz partly 

due to bad experience with the doctor who performed

my c-section and sterilisation 5 years ago.

I phoned the colposcopy unit on Friday day after they phoned 

me just for some hint but she wouldn't tell me anything or even 

try to reassure me she seemed uncomfortable when I asked 

was there a problem with my results .

And to top it off I think I have an infection starting 

but I'm not sure as I started my period today 


I saw the consultant I she said that there was cancer and 

I have to go for a MRI on the 11th march . He mentioned 

Cone and hysterectomy depending I suppose on MRI x

I had my MRI and was told by ny Macmillan nurse that nothing showed therefore a 2nd opinion was needed about ny treatment. I am hoping that they can remove ny cervix but likely a hysterectomy. Your in the system now and they move so quick... countdown to recovery begins ;o) xxx