Called for face to face for Colposcopy results

I had a colposcopy at the end of April after the nurse at my GP saw something on my cervix that she thought needed looking at. I have had a colposcopy previously (2 years ago for borderline cells and HPV) and was discharged for 3 years. So this procedure has fallen after 2 years.

I have waited 7 weeks for my results (told 4-6), when I called last week I was told that my results were back, but a consultant needed to look over them and do a results letter which she could then read over the phone. So I left it a week and called back today to ask if the letter is done and can it be read out. She said no, as I have been made an appointment for a face-to-face in ten days to discuss the results in person and any treatment.

Naturally, I am in bits, completely distraught in fact and really worried. Has anyone had any experiences like this and what it was you were called in for? I have asked if anyone else can call me (doctor or nurse) to discuss this as I am so upset. Said they will try but no promises :frowning:

I just wanted to send you a message to say I understand how very hard it must be to have this weighing on your mind. The various periods of waiting for results can be intolerable. I wonder if they might bring your appointment forward or arrange for a phone call if you keep insisting?

I’m waiting for the results of a LLETZ treatment in May for severe cell changes - my case is being reviewed at a multidisciplinary team meeting at the end of June and I’m not sure why. One thing I have realised throughout this whole thing is just how traumatic it can be waiting for appointments and results. I have made myself ill with the worry and done about a million Google searches! I have tried to comfort myself thinking about how this is all about prevention and early treatment so it’s reassuring to know that we are being monitored very closely and in very good hands.

Just hope that you can feel some relief soon xx

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Thank you so much for your kind response, I really appreciate it. It does mirror how I am feeling but as you say they have our best interests and its about prevention :slight_smile: My love and thoughts are with you too xx

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I had a colposcopy and they took biopsies and after 8 weeks I received a letter for an appointment. The doctor told me the biopsies showed I only had mild changes but as he thought it might be more moderate he wanted me to have a LLETZ so I had it there and then. I hope this will be your outcome too - that they need to treat the area to prevent your risk of cancer.


Thank you so much. I think we need to stop dwelling on the worst case scenario, which is really hard to do, but just trust the process and try and relax. Lots of love x

Hope you are now all in the clear @eleanor_rigby x

I am so touched by your lovely caring comments and glad I came here. The nurse colposcopist called me this morning and she couldn’t have been nicer and more reassuring. My biopsy showed CIN3 cells so I am booked in for the LLETZ and biopsy on 27th… So another 6 weeks of waiting and anxiety ahead but I know I am in good hands and supported xx

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That’s brilliant! I had LLETZ last Monday so just waiting for my results now.

In my experience your case being reviewed at MDT suggests a discrepancy between your smear/biopsy results and the results of the LLETZ. So if your smear showed CIN 3, it might mean the LLETZ results have come back CIN 1 or CIN 2.

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That’s great that you’ve got some answers and an appointment. I had a really positive experience at my colposcopy / LLETZ, they were so supportive, I actually felt a bit elated afterwards! I read somewhere that it’s like a spa treatment for your cervix :joy: x

Thank you, I will wait to hear from them. Hoping you get your results soon and it’s all sorted.

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Hi ladies, just wondered how you was both getting on? I finally had my lletz yesterday due to getting Covid and I’m laid up now…

The consultant explained my results took so long due to having additional tests on my first biopsy, and I am now under the MDT and she talked about looking back at previous smears and how my cervix doesn’t appear abnormal so there is a concern over a possible rare type of cancer…. She even showed me it on the screen. So I have 2 weeks to wait for results now and hopefully get some answers. Lots of love to you both x x x

That sounds scary, did she say whether the LLETZ cells removed could confirm this? My results of my LLETZ came back as CIN 1. I am fully recovered and await my follow up smear in 6 months time.

They didnt really say just took 2 biopsy’s (quite large) and said wait 2 weeks.

Thats great news for you I am really pleased :slight_smile: x

OK thinking of you please let me know how you get on! It’s good that you are in their safe hands.

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Hi Hun, I heard back and its not cancer :-)… They found CIN2 in one area and CIN3 in the other so I am back to discuss treatment at the end of the month with my consultant. The relief is unreal xx


I got the all clear but had a terrible time of it with all the worry. I’m so relieved now. Hope you’re both doing well @creativelady22 and @eleanor_rigby x