Called for a colposcopy

Hi everyone. New to this site. Had never heard of Jo’s Trust until my recent worries caused me to google and come across the site. I hope someone with more knowledge than me can give me some insight, I know no one can diagnose me over the Internet!

Around April 2013 I had a smear test that indicated an abnormality. I didn’t have to go for further tests, my GP said I would be retested in 6 months time as things may have gone back to normal in that time. November 2013 I was retested and just as my GP had said, the results came back normal.

I didn’t have any more smear tests after that as in the summer of 2014 I found out I was pregnant, and gave birth in April 2015. I then had my first smear test after giving birth in Novemeber 2015 (I know I should have gone back sooner but in the brain fog of having a new baby I completely forgot). Six weeks after my smear test I had a letter to say abnormalities had been found and with an appointment for a colposcopy for the following month.

Now, what’s panicking me is that when I had abnormalities before I was told to come back in six months. This is worrying me silly that they must have found something bad for me to go straight for a colposcopy. My husband is trying to be logical and is thinking maybe they only watch and wait with one abnormality and if you get any abnormalities in future they get you in for a colposcopy. Would this make sense?

Also, would having a baby affect smear test results? I’m also worrying about silly things now like when they said my smear after the six months came back clear, maybe it wasn’t and a mistake was made?

Sorry, I know no one can give me definite answers or a diagnosis on an Internet forum. Just hope someone would help me think more rationally about it all.

Colposcopy appointment is this week.


welcome to Jo's :) you're in the right place. 

I'll try and answer your questions as best as I can from my experience. 

Did your letter mention anything about Hpv? if your smear was slightly abnormal (borderline or low grade dyskaryosis) then they automatically test for hpv and if it comes back positive you will be sent for a colposcopy (which is what happened with me). If it was abnormal with moderate or high grade dyskaryosis they will send you for a colposcopy without testing for  Hpv. i was due a smear whilst pregnant but with my son and was told I couldn't have one until 6 months after he was born. I have no idea if pregnancy can cause an abnormal result though. 

at the colposcopy they will be able to answer any questions you have. 

I hope it all goes well. X

hi there!

i just went through this... and i got myself all anxious about it over christmas, when i really shouldn't!

got called for a colposcopy appointment only a week after my smear, and i hadnt even had a results letter or anything so panicked when hospital called out of the blue!

had moderate abnormality on initial smear test, so went for colposcopy on the 4th dec, got my letter on the 6th jan... and just had to go in 5 days ago for the LEEP procedure.

my good friend had cin1, they left it, then next check up cin2, they left it (not deemed enough to do LEEP, as these can change back to normal alone
..then when she moved up to cin3 natuarally they interveined and she had Leep...this gradual rise happened over the period of 2 years... just so its clear, i was on cin 2/3 on my first smear and the doctors gave me Leep cell removal last week, but you must understand this is a prevention for some cells that may or may not eventually (in 5 - 20 years doctor said) turn cancerous.... its prevention, not cure, its a wonderfully advanced screening system we should be extreamely grateful to receive for free in the UK.

try not to worry, i worried myself sick and it sounds to me that you have nothing to worry about.

let me know if you have any more questions!


Thank you for the replies.


When I had the abnormal smear nearly three years ago, it said I had tested positive for HPV. It was left and retested after six months and came back negative. This time the letter makes no reference to HPV just that abnormalities have been detected that need further investigation.

Thank you for sharing your experiences. My appointment is tomorrow. Feel sick with worry not just over the results but over the actual procedure. 

How did your appt go? In my experience it's much more common to be called straight back for a colposcopy so nothing to worry about at all X 

Hi Lemoncat. Thank you for asking.


Gynaecologist told me that minor changes were found on my smear and that the colposcopy was for him to have a closer look and he may/may not take a biopsy, depending on what he found.


I watched the procedure on a screen and saw a large white area show up around the centre of the cervix, and he said yes we will need a biopsy and took one. I have to be honest the procedure was over much quicker than what I imagined, however I did fine it painful (not excruciating but very uncomfortable).


Just have to wait on the results now.