Call to see doctor...

After being diagnosed in June with AIS and told highly likely all removed and outpatient appointment given for end of October, I have today received a call from the doctor asking me to go in Thursday....wondering why and whats going on :( anyone else had this or have an idea why?


Could just be a cancellation??

Be lucky :-)

Thanks Tivoli.

Reason why I was called in, hospital have made a mistake regarding my results. Histologist that viewed them has made errors and has been dismissed. My biopsy sent off for further reviews and indications are that the area removed was cancer (5mm, 2mm deep) but there is concerns about another area, because of this I have had another biopsy/Lletz done this morning. Initial indications from doctor says she is happy with what she can see, but will wait for results. So have an appointment for a week a Monday to discuss these.

So now I know. 


God what a nightmare. At least the error has been picked up and addresses and hopefully you'll get more info soon. Fingers crossed xx

Helen, I am glad to read that the doctor is feeling positive, mine was too and they don't say it lightly! treatment is be swift and effective and soon it will all be over.  Look after yourself and be aware that you have still received a shock, so be gentle with yourself. 

love Mitch

Thanks everyone, biopsy gone to pathologist in Gateshead, just a week to go, then hopefully sit down with doctor to go through result. It was a shock to have another LLETZ as didn't expect it lol, especially as I hadn't shaved my legs haha....

Hope everyone waiting doing well, Mitch I see you had the same diagnosis as me, adenocarcinoma? But mine was in situ, doctor said initial diagnosis correct but the histologist missed a bit on the edge of the original biopsy, hence why I had another. 

Wishing everyone well :)