Call from doctor after first vault smear

Hi ladies 

I got a call from my doctor today and they said that after me having a radical hysterectomy and chemo and radiation that my hpv is still there. The tested me for hpv when i has mu vault smear. I was woundering if any of u ladies have had this. I am very scared and upset cause i thought it would be gone not active has anyone else had this  happen. I am very upset please help:-( They said have to keep a close check to make sure it does not turn to cancer again.

1b1 squamous cell, radical hysterectomy, path report showed parametrial lymph node, so restaged to 2b,  5 chemo and 25 radiation ,last treatment may 1st




Hi Mmouse

Sorry to hear this. Where are you based? I asked about getting an HPV test in Scotland and they said they don't normally offer it and if it was positive I would just worry.

I am not sure how much they really know about it tbh. Did they give you any reason as to why they thibk it has remained? xx


I am in the U.S. and they test us for it with the vault smear amd said mine came back positive. I am scared and r worried i still have something. I habe been crying like crazy.

Thank you:-)

Hi mmouse

there have been a few studies that do indeed indicate that the presence of HPV after treatment can increase the chances of recurrence but again these studies are very outdated and there are other studies that say that about 45% of women who have had treatment for locally advanced cancer of the cervix still have persistent HPV.  which in any case tells you that if this is a huge factor then the cure rate would not be as high as it is. 

So, I would not worry about that factor as it seems there is not enough solid evidence to trully indicate anything other then they will keep a very close eye on you. 

Now, in ways you are lucky because you found this info out and most places do not test for this as a mandatory thing as it is not supported by the world health organization which sets forth the treatment and planning and post care of patients. Most governments go strictly by what the WHO sets out, you however are in the US and they seem to investigate a bit more beyond the recommendations especially if you have good health care. So what does this mean for you.... it means you should be keeping to a strict regime of making sure your body has what it needs to fight off the HPV, like taking vitamin B12 and folic acid and vitamin E. I would strong suggest you seek the help of a specialist in supplement care and get a plan in place to fight this HPV to insure it will not cause your cancer to come back. Find out exactly what strain of HPV you carry and take this info with you as this will help the natural Pathic dr to really set out a plan geared just for you. There are many ways they can flush your body with a session of iv fluids that contain what you need. It can be pricey but it's well worth it. 

Do try not to worry so much but turn this info into a positive thing and these treatments will also help your body recover and help prevent long term effects from the radiation and chemo. 

Chin up!  it just means you got some knowledge that most of us would not unless we seeked it out ourselves. 



I know what stain i have it is the hpv 16. Also i just finished chemo and radiation may 1st.