BV and HPV

Hi. Does anyone know if BV has a link to causing cervical cancer or abnormal cells?

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Hi @Angepange

I actually came across a study about this the other day, the relationship between HPV and BV remains unclear, but there is a speculalation that there may be a consistency or synergies between a HPV infection and BV… its almost as if HPV can promote an environment for BV, i suppose when you think about it BV usually occurs when things are a little off down there, so it does make a sense some woman could suffer with BV

“Among the 3502 women, 1738 women were positive for HPV while 1764 women were negative for HPV, 324 women were positive for BV infection while 3178 women were negative for BV infection. The total rate of BV infection was 9.25%. The rate of BV infection in the HPV positive group was more than the rate in HPV negative group. It prompts that BV infection tends to occur in those women who have a HPV infection. The HPV infection rate in the BV positive group was more than the rate in BV negative group. It showed that HPV infection also tends to occur in women with BV infection. Thus, we speculate that there may be consistency or synergies between HPV infection and BV infection”

Here is the link to the study if youd like to have a read through:,in%20women%20with%20BV%20infection


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Thanks for the reply. Much appreciated :blush:

Do you know / have you read if there’s any link to people that have HPV and suffering with BV where the BV is also increasing the risk of cells to change? Like a double whammy I guess?

Some sites say BV is common and not harmful and your body can get rid of it bla bla. Then other sites say if BV is left untreated it can cause pelvic diseases. So I guess I’m thinking it could also affect the cells on the cervix right?

I’ve just been diagnosed with both (no cell changes found on smear) but I suffer with BV all the time and am now wondering if it doing more harm then we realise? I’m now at the point where I’m scared to read anything online as it’s frightening :pleading_face: xx

There is a small paragraph further down the page after the results section, but alot more studies do need to be performed as they still dont know exactly if the two do interact biologically making CIN more likely or if they just occur coincidently along side eachother

"HPV/BV infection and cervical histological and cytological examinations

The rate of CIN or cervical cancer with HPV infection was higher than without HPV infection. The rate of CIN or cervical cancer with BV infection was higher than without BV infection. It suggested that CIN and cervical cancer occurs mainly in HPV/BV positive group. It is noteworthy that more women diagnosed of CIN and cervical cancer with HPV and BV infection compared with HPV/BV infection women. It indicated that HPV with BV infection may promote CIN and cervical cancer."

A little further down in the discussion section it summarizes that

“The research about whether BV infection and cervical cancer related is still less. As for BV infections and CIN association, there are also two different points of view. Denslow et al. reported among 1954 HIV-seropositive South African women, BV was not associated with an increased risk of HSIL or cervical lesion progression. Boyle et al. found that BV is not associated with CIN after testing 379 women with BV testing and cervical smear detection. On the other hand, Gillet et al.’s meta-analysis confirms a positive association between BV and cervical precancerous lesions and emphasizes the potential role of a disturbed vaginal microflora in gynaecologic complications.”

Alot more data needs to be collected for science to answer whether BV could aid HPV in its journey of becoming cancerous, but as of now they can just agree that HPV infection can promote the environment for BV to occur, they just cant agree if its a cofactor just yet xx