Burning hot face but low temp?

Hi guys,

Hope all is well. Having an usual 'symptom' and feel silly calling the hospital in case it's nothing. I'm in my first week of treatment, only 1/5 chemo and 3/28 radio down.

All day today I've been experiencing a really hot, flushed face. It's bright red and my skin is hot to touch but nowhere else is on my body. My temperature is reading at a steady 36-36.5 degrees, but my face feels like it's on fire.

Any ideas or advice?


Hi Hani


This could be a reaction to the chemo, and worth notifying your healthcare team x

Hi Hani,

I agree with Nemo. It could well be some sort of reaction. Definitely worth giving the team a call. It might be nothing but they won't think your silly.

Good luck Rachel x

Hi Hani

It doesn't sound like a hot flush so I agree with the others, call the team in case it's a reaction to chemo

Be lucky :-)