Burning and pain after having a bath

Hi I just need some advice I have been showering instead of bathing since having my lletz treatment 6 weeks ago today, how ever I did develop an infection 4 days after which I was given antibiotics for so been very  anxious  about bathing as infection side of things so tonight I thought it would be ok as it's been 6 weeks but I felt burning as soon as I was in the water and I'm in alot of discomfort down below and its still burning is this something that can or should happen or should I call the  as I don't want to waste NHS time with the current situation with covid  thanks 

I would probably just see how it goes, maybe its just not fully healed and the hot water aggravated it. Unless the pain is excruciating id give it till tomorrow and hope it subsides. Ive had infections after lletz but not the burning after baths, id just stick to showers for now and all the other post lletz advice like no swimming, no sex and give it a bit longer to heal fully.