Brown Discharge with gone off milk smell? Worried!!! :(

Hi, not sure if I'm posting in the right place! Just looking for some help or advice while I patiently wait to call a doctor on Monday!

I had my last smear Oct 2016 and came back clear after have lletz treatment for cin3 in April 2016.

Ever since the all clear deep down I've always been worried that everything is not okay.. 

Ive been ttc for 4.5years with no luck and finally did get pregnant in July but then miscarried at 7 weeks. I've just now had my 2nd period following the miscarriage and something just doesn't seem right? The first day was incredibly light until the evening when I passed several pieces of tissue and it made me question if it was another miscarriage! The second and third day again very light.. not like me at all! Today is the 4th but (TMI) all I have now is brown runny discharge that smells like gone off milk! No joke! I feel discusting. I'm glad my husband has a cold cause this is vile.

is it right that I could have an infection? I do not remember experiencing this smell at the end of a period ever :( 

would my doctor be able to offer me a smear for piece of mind? 5years is a long time away!

im just really worried something is wrong and caused the miscarriage :(

Hi I'm new to this I also worrying I had a miss carriage in June since then I have had periods but also on and off spotting this month though I have had a mixture of brown which smells horrible and light pink/peach when wiping randomly also with low dull belly ache. I been GP and am awaiting a scan first to check that all miscarriage cam away I don't see how any would be left though as I have had normal bleeding since I just wish they would do a smear as that's what I'm also worried about I just want to know if occasional spotting is a concern or if it's cervical cancer would it be bright red but not found the answers yet if I do I will let u know hope u get answers soon. Hun think positive