Brown discharge 2 months after lletz and diagnosis

I'm hoping someone can advise me.  I've read this forum for months but been too anxious to post.


Long story short, I had lettz under GA at the end of Dec for CIN3 and CGIN. They found a small area of cancer but it was so small they were happy to leave it for now and check again in 6 months. For some reason they sent me my appointment and made it a 3 month check. I wasnt complaining!

I healed normally from what I've read but over the last week I've been getting brown stained discharge. Yesterday there was a small bit of fresh blood but mainly it's brown old blood. I'm not due my period for 2 weeks and I am on the pill.

Any advice on what could be going on or what I should do? I'm due back at my consultant mid march. 

Our stories are nearly identical, although I am based in Canada. I had a cone biopsy in December for HSIL (CIN 2-3) and AIS (CGIN) and they also found a small pocket of stage 1a1 adenocarcinoma in my pathology. I was told 6 month follow-up as well but was booked in for 3 months as I'm hoping to avoid a hysterectomy right now. I go back April 1st. 


I have had some odd spotting myself but usually only after my period ends. I mentioned this to my specialist at my 6 week check-up and he said that although they say 6 weeks to fully heal, for some women this does take longer. He also said that for some, their periods may be a little irregular at first. I was on the pill as well, but have just gone off of it last month. After everything that I've been through I didn't want to add more hormones into the mix!


I previously (years ago) would get odd spotting in times of stress while on the pill. However, because of the cancer diagnosis I personally am extremely concerned about anything that's different. I would call your clinic if possible and ask to speak with a nurse. If this isn't possible I would ask to get in a little earlier to see your doctor. Hopefully it's just taking a little longer to heal! 



Hi I had similar. Lletz beginning of dec, stopped bleeding/discharge then middle of Jan had Brown discharge and I was still taking my pill. Went to doc and they gave me antibiotics for possible cervix infection (they didn't do swabs as I was in theatre 5 days later having a radical hysterectomy due to not having clear margins after lletz. Maybe if it continues or has a smell to it go to ur gp . 

Thanks for the replies. I called my consultant who has rescheduled my appointment for this Thursday