Bristol support group

If there is anyone on here who lives in or near Bristol please come along to the next support group.

The next meeting is Tuesday 21st July 6.30-8 at The Natural Health Clinic on Cotham Hill.

When i was first diagnosed i did not think that i needed any support other then that of my friends and family. However, now even though i have had the all clear, i feel like i would like to meet other people who have been through similar experiences.


Also we are hoping to organise some fun fundrasing events and it would be great to have more people involved! :) xxxx



I have just made a login - I am in Bristol but am away that week. Also, the details (Time, place) are different on the pinned post about meetings organised by Claire.

Anyway, it's good to be in touch. I will come along when I can, I love the Natural Health Clinic. You've shared your age - I'm 45. See you soon!


Hey Mitch sorry only just seen your reply! Hope you are able to come to the next meeting in September,

hope your well

jane xx