Bright red blood is it normal??

I had my lletz treatment last monday and have only had a slight pink watery discharge but today it is bright red blood. Is this normal? Should i get it checked out, i dont want to bother anyone if i don't have to but none of my leaflets mention bright red blood.

In one of the leaflets I have read bright red blood is not good so I would double check with my Colposcopy Clinic tomorrow. I was advised that if I would bleed excessively to call NHS24/7 so they can put "tampon like thing" inside to stop the bleeding. Good luck Sam!

Its not really alot of blood and it keeps going from pink to red. I'm due on my period next week aswell so don't know if thats got something to do with it. I've already been treated once for infection, my body just has to be awkward i guess.