Bright Red Blood and Pulling Pains

Hi everyone,

I am 25 and went for my first smear test a month ago, you all know the drill - it came back abnormal and before i knew it I was having LLETZ treatment last monday. Last week I was fine, apart from some brownish dischardge and a few minor pains. However, today the bleeding has gone from nothing to bright red and very heavy, and I have this constant 'pulling' sharp uncomfortable pain on the left side of my stomach.


I have been doing some research, and i know everyone is different, but is anyone else experiencing the bright red bleeding? TMI but the blood is so bright it seems like its coming from a fresh cut, and because of the sudden pains I am scared i have an infection.


If anyne has any advice it would be most welcome.


Thanks in advance

Livvy xx



Hi sorry to hear about your symptoms! My consultant said if I had this to call the gp for anti biotics as its a sign of infection


Hi Livvy,

Had exactly the same I went from just brownish discharge to bright red heavy fresh blood. Pain also . It happened to me late at night and I rang my hospital and was told to lie down and rest. Gp then said it sounded like an infection and was given metronidazole for 7 days. Cleared up pretty quickly after starting them . Hope you get sorted soon. Wish you the best xx