bricking it....a bit :-)

Hi Ladies

well the day has arrived for my lletz - it almost sounds a bit lame really compared to what some of you other ladies are having to go through! I guess its the part about going under general that scares me the most.....I have never had a general before so its the fear of the unknown....but everyone keeps telling me its a lovely sleep (in fact ill probably be ratty when they bring me round lol)  so ill keep that in mind after my 8 month old got me up at 4am this morning :-) 

I made myself a cup of tea and almost put toast on this morning before I had to stop myself.....whoops!


Hope it goes well for you this morning. Try to think lovely thoughts as you go to sleep....your 8 month old sounds perfect!


Good luck today & keep us posted on how you get on.

im nervous about the whole putting to sleep thing more than the actual procedure too but with an insomniac 2 year old iv decided itl probably be the best sleep iv had in nearly 3 years ;) 

Will be thinking of you



Good luck!!

you will be fine, u know this. TRY not to worry xxx

enjoy the sleep!


Thanks ladies :-) xx

Hope it goes/went well for you - let us know hun


Good luck for today, wishing you a speedy recovery xxxx

Thanks Ladies. All went well thanks and actually dont feel any pain whatsoever, its like I havent had anything done :-) I did bleed heavily during the procedure unfortunately so going under general was definately the right decision. I didnt get to see my consultant asfter I came round as she had already left, but she has made me an appointment for early December to have new coil fitted. Did anyone get any advice about exercise? How long is it before I can start doing stuff again? I like to run and do lots of cardiavascular exercise....I heard its 4 weeks but has anyone been told sooner than that? ill be climbing the walls!

Thanks for all your support and I guess unless I get called in sooner I will assume all is ok with my results if I dont hear until I go back in 8 weeks......I think i may apply this theory rather than sitting here