This is going to sound stupid but I’ve only noticed it since treatment.

I’m lying in bed now and feel like I’m struggling to breathe not because of a blocked nose or chest infection but because it’s like I’m in a room full of cigarette smoke - I don’t smoke and no one does in my home but I feel like I’m surrounded by it and keep ‘smelling’ smoke and I’m feeling ‘panicked’ when breathing like I’m struggling for breath. I was wondering if anyone else has had anything similar at all? I suffer with anxiety and panic attacks sometimes so I don’t know if it’s my brain playing tricks on me cus I’m feeling down and struggling to sleep ATM (being on my phone doesn’t help).

When ever I’ve been the hospital they’ve been really attentive to my breathing when listening to my lungs asking if I have any issues etc - which I don’t really - always made me wonder why - I feel fine in myself I’ve been out with friends today. I’ve had this twice tonight once sitting in front of the fire and now lying on my back in bed - weird x

Hi Carmel,

I had this one night. I can't now remember if it was before or since diagnosis but it was definitely a panic attack. Do you know whether your cancer type was squamous or adenocarcinoma? If you were squamous then I imagine that they are very attentive when listening to your lungs in case of metastasis. If you were adenocarcinoma then metastasis to the lungs is extremely unlikely.

Hope that helps
Be lucky :-)

Hiya, I have no idea what you've asked me lol! All I know is my cancer is advanced and that's all I needed to know I didn't ask anything further other than how to beat it - I don't really take in a lot of the information that that tell me I tend to switch off (a bad habit!) I work in customer service so I switch off when people talk for so long....

i know it's not anything to worry about really I just find it strange. Usually when I get a panic attack I become really warm like a hot flush then I feel like i cant breathe but this was different - maybe still a panic attack but in a diffeent form.

thank you for commenting x