Breastfeeding in pregnancy

Probably too many questions in one here so I apologise in advance.
I had CIN2 removed by Lletz in Feb 2012. Had a baby in Dec 14 and had trans vaginal scans throughout and didn’t need a stitch.
I fully dilated but the baby didn’t engage (poss pelvis too small for head) so I had a c section, so no baby has passed through my cervix. (Midwife said I had an anterior lip and I had obviously told them I might have a scar etc but they don’t think that was what prevented a natural birth).
Anyway now my daughter is nearly two and I’m still breastfeeding.
I’m also (fingers crossed) 6 weeks pregnant.
I’ve had a bit of spotting and I wonder if because of my potentially sensitive cervix I am adding extra risk by breastfeeding? My daughter is so unwilling to stop but I really want another baby. Does anyone know if breastfeeding in pregnancy is an extra risk if you’ve had lletz?
Also has anyone struggled with a second baby - I’m concerned about carrying my heavy daughter and the strain that could cause on my cervix.
Grateful for any information or advice.
Thank you xx
Oh also I’ve had negative smears and no hpv since the lletz, however my smear this year highlighted atrophic changes which apparently meant I have low oestrogen and the nurse thought meant I was having the menopause but when I told her I am breastfeeding she then said it was that.

I used to be a member of my local la leche league group on Facebook and I know that people do feed throughout pregnancy and then tandem feed two children however I'm not sure about whether it puts you at more risk if you have a complication with cervix. Maybe contact your local breastfeeding support group and see if they can advise or signpost you to someone who could help?

Sorry I can't be more help!

Take care 


Thank you Muskrat. 

Ive spoken to LLL but they didn't know anything about it.

My GP was happy for me to continue though did refer me for a scan, which showed a normal pregnancy. I had it transabdominallly as was worried about poking around with my cervix, so I have no idea of cervical length.

Fingers crossed no more spotting anyway.

Thanks for your help.

I also hope that anyone reading this that has just been diagnosed with CIN2 feels encouraged about the future.

It was an horribly frightening time for me back when I had my abnormal smear but with time and repeated normal smears seems not such a big deal now.