Breast hurt after a colposcopy

hi ladies! It's been two weeks since my biopsy and my breasts hurt? And I'm not due on my period either yet. Has anyone experienced this? And also when can you start having sexual activitie Like normal? Not that I want it just my doctor never gave me much information! Thanks ❤️ X

Ive had that too. Although ive had a really bad bout of the flu, tonsillitis and a ear infection too so im basically falling apart lol. I had lletz 3 weeks ago. Im still getting discharge not everyday but it varies no where near ss much as last week. I think everybody reacts differently to it. Im not sure about sex im still abit dubious about it especially cause I dont no ehats going on up there or how its healing. I know my boyfriend is getting fed up of it now lol xx

Hi Laura :-)

Try this at home ;-) Ask your boyfriend to imagine that he'd just had a slice removed from the end of his chap and how soon would he like to have sex?

Keep smiling :-)


Hi Laura! Just got my results back from my biopsy and I have CIN2 I have to get the loop treatment and I'm so scared I asked to be put Under General anaesthetic I'm due to have my operation on the 24th I'm just so scared can't stop crying! And yeah I said to my boyfriend imagen the top of your ... Getting cut of lol he went all dizzy haha! But how did you find the loop? X