Breast check?

Hi there

I have recently been to my routine smear test appointment. The nurse advised I had a lot of discharge (I am midway through my cycle) so the test might need to be re-done.

The nurse then went onto ask some questions around me checking my breasts and looked quite concerned (I said I do check regularly). This might be a routine question they ask though I am an overthinker and it has made me worry.

May be a silly question though does anyone know if anything breast related can appear from a routine smear? Thank you

It’s a routine question. Your smear and checking your breasts are unrelated, but your smear ‘appointment’ is a good opportunity to discuss all female related ‘stuff’ and health promotion - smear appointments were called ‘Well Woman Clinics’, so promoting breast checking was, and sometimes still is, a natural part of the appointment.

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Thank you very much for replying :slightly_smiling_face: