Brave Ladies

I have read so many comments on here and of course they all have a common theme. I thought I would quickly say we beat ourselves up with worry, but still we cope one day at a time life goes on. Please ladies dont be hard on yourselves, this IS scary worrying and often the unknown and what if is IS hard.

BIG HUGS to you all x 

Not that I'm an emotional wreck or anything (lol!) but that just made me cry! The what ifs and worry are horrible. I always considered myself quite a strong and rational person before all of this!!

 Big hug to you too x


I read your earlier comment LuLu Im also a nurse and yes we most cetainly do make the worse patients. I have no excusses as I spent a lot of my working day talking abut anxiety managment dealing with a crisis and depression, lol No hope for me I keep returning to the forum as if my results will be posted on here and everything will be ok,  looking for that answer that eludes as for the time being.


Hang in there LuLu keep occupied be as busy as you can distraction helps see Im a nurse I know what I should be doingLaughing

Thanks Meconopsis10,

I keep returning here too, but it really does help keep me sane! I have kept pretty busy today but the evenings seem to be the worst. I am hoping that one of the positives I can take from all this, is that it will make me a better nurse. I appreciate the stress/worry/terror of waiting for results etc more than I ever could before.

My sister said to me today- keep taking one step at a time. Even if you dont know where you are going, keep moving forward. One day the fog will clear and the beauty of the world will be revealed again