Hi @ziggylight1 , im at that point too. Ive just came bk from my planning an still none wiser noone spoke to me about anything at all. Just got scan n tattoo done. Designed by a man just dosent sound good at all it never does :rofl: Thanks for reply. Congratulations on finishing your treatment . Go You :tada: X

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It’s not as bad as you think it will be. I had three sessions at the end of chemo and radio. The team were fantastic and I coped well with the treatment think of it as the end the last hurdle. I choose to be put to sleep to have rods inserted. The worst part was having to stay in bed. The procedure was pain free.

Hi @Petal14 , Im more than positive doctor said it would be at end treatment but by my appointment letter its not its in-between radio… Yeah its the lying still bit thats getting me too lol . Will just need go with flow by looks of it… Undecided as yet on whether go ga or epidural… Thanks for your help on this x