Bracing myself.. I think its back

Hi Ladies

Back in 2009 I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Cervical Cancer and had a Loop and then a cone as the parameters were not clear.

I have been on here since 2009 so I must apologise 1stly as I should have really offered support to others following my procedures but tbh the last few years have been a nightmare.

After my Cone I was told by the hospital to complete my family after my 1st 2 colposcopy were clear and I got pregnant in 2011 but afterwards was told I didn’t have enough cervix left to carry the baby, so they did an emergency suture and at 1st said I would need antibiotics in case of infection but then decided I wouldn’t need them.. a month later my waters broke at home and I was told I had a massive infection and although the baby was still alive I would have to give birth immediately or I would die. My baby was only 21 weeks old so they would not help her and she died.

It was very traumatic and 2 months later my dad got taken in to hospital and diagnosed with leukaemia and started chemo the next day (which was Christmas eve) I didn’t handle everything very well and eventually had a breakdown and left my husband.

Glad to say my Dad has recovered and is 18 months clear but last December I went for my 12 months colposcopy and they said there were signs of changing cells but not enough to grade at present and that they would just check it again on my next colposcopy which was done yesterday.

I told the specialist nurse before the colposcopy that my bleeding was irregular again and that I was getting a lot of pain my ovaries and womb area and that I had had my coil check last month as it felt like it had moved after a fall from my horse as I was in a lot of pain.

The nurse was quite dismissive and just said oh get your doctor to refer you back to gynaecology (I had been under them also for irregular bleeding and they fitted the marina coil under anaesthetic due to my cervical operations 2 years earlier) as its unrelated to this, so I said ok.

She did the colposcopy took several swabs and took a long time looking with the camera and it was immensely painful which it normally isn’t that bad. She then asked me how long I had had the coil in and who fitted etc.. wanted the consultants name but I really couldn’t remember. She also said right we have to get this bleeding sported and I am going to refer you to the gynaecologist doctor here as it will take too long to refer you back the other hospital. (My area has two hospitals and I have my colposcopies done at one and my surgery etc done at the other).

She also added that she has taken taken extra swabs very high up the canal also and that she will get me an appointment with her gynaecologists asap and my results will be here in 4 weeks and the appointment will be made for this date.

So from being very dismissive to I will get you referred and extra swabs she has got me worried.. I kind of know in myself there’s something not right but my doctor just said everything is fine with my coil but I had an infection and after 3 visits finally got antibiotics and I got a lump that filled and had to be burst. I know it’s just a case of waiting but that really doesn’t help.

Anyone come across anything similar?


Hopefully she is being extra cautious given your history. I am so verry sorry for all you have gone through. Let us know how you get on xx

Hi Pebbles.. Sorry I will be of no use to you on experiance wise   as I  have only just had my first smear & colposcopy.. However  it  breaks my heart to read what you have been through  over the past few years...  like above  hopefully she is just being extra cautious with whats previously happened... I hope you get  some good news   at your next appointment and it is just a   simple treatment so you can put all of this past you and move on with your life.. hopefully somebody will come along soon who can give you some good advice hun :) xxxxx