So I’m 1/4 of my way through chemoradiation and beginning to think about the next steps. My braccy treatments finish at half term and I’m wondering how I’ll be feeling. My last one is on the Wednesday. I’m wondering if I’ll be able to leave the house for a few hours on the Friday.
My first one is 10 days after chemoradiation so I expect I’ll still be feeling the side effects of that too.

Oh and just one more question (for now anyway ). If I do have dihorrea as a side effect, how do I go on during the braccy if a bout comes on while I can’t move?

I know that I’m a worry wort and I do apologise x

I finished my treatment for 2b cc in May I was up and walking straight after my brachytherapy it's not as bad as it sounds thay give you tablets the night b4 so your bowels r empty good luck hunny xxx

Thank you. I'm not too worried about the treatment itself, I panic about silly things like emptying my bowels in the bed .

I also don't want this affecting my kids too much so I just want to be up and about as quickly as possible z 



Me again lol!

the brachy is a walk in the park compared to chemo trust me! If you have a bad stomach I found after I have been to the toilet that taking anti poop tablets as I call them are a god send!! As they put you under to put the rods in you can't eat for x amounts of hours before the op. You are there for most of the day btw....I went in at 9am and left around 3/4. I was sore as they mess about down there and i had discomfort for a few days after my 1st session but I was walking about etc.

i found it extremely painful when they were removing the packing and rods but it maybe it was because I had wound myself up (I was crying and screaming each time) sorry.


Thanks carmel x I'm on overnight for both times so we'llsee how it goes. 

Brachytherapy was my big dread and I was so worried about it. I had 3 lots, I found the first one the hardest, after I come round from the general anesthetic I was in quite a bit of pain but they gave me plenty of painkillers so I felt better.

The hardest part for me was the waiting after the rods were inserted to actually having the treatment, for me it was about 4 hours each time and I did find this a bit uncomfortable as you have to lie flat on your back and can’t move.

The actual treatment lasted about 15 mins, and then I had the rods removed, this was a bit painful and I had gas and air on stand-by but I did manage without using it. Once they were removed I instantly felt so much better.

I had to go back on the ward for an hour or so after to eat and drink and have a wee before I went home. Although after the third one there was a delay with me going to theatre so it was quite late by the time it was all finished and I had to be back in hospital by 9 the next morning for my last chemo so I chose to stay the night as I just felt so tired.

The next day after each treatment I felt ok and was able to get about and do things, but I did feel sore for a couple of days. But after all the worrying I did it really wasn’t as bad as I imagined.

Mel x

I ended up sleeping between waiting - they didn't mind though! They must of thought I was right lazy haha! Once I had the rods out I was allowed to get dressed and go home....strange how each person is diffrent xx

I have exactly the same fear about opening my bowels whilst the rods are in place Philleepa.

I am having my 3 brachy sessions next week over Monday and Tuesday and the rods will not be removed between each session, so I will have these inserted at 8am Monday and removed after the 3pm session on Tuesday - the hospital I am having treatment at require us to take codeine from the day before rods are inserted to 'constipate' the bowel - they will cover the 'bowel' issue with you when you have your pre-op. Its interesting to read how different the brachy treatment deliverys are for us all. x

Just wanted to say that I hope things go well for your session today and tomorrow  x 

I've had a consultation today for my braccy. I go in at 8am in the morning,  am put under anaesthetic for approximately 15 mins, taken for an mri scan , put in a lead lined room and then blasted every so often for about 12 hours or so. 

I have to stay in overnight and will be allowed out the following morning once I have weed and walked! 

Same again the week after. 

The nurse just said I probably won't need to empty my bowels but I am to have a low fibre diet in the week before. She said what's inserted will make me not feel the need to empty my bowels.

I've also been given a dilator 

Hi Philleepa,

Wishing you all the best tomorrow.

When I was given the dilators at one of my appointments I cried! Don’t really know why because they’re not that bad and I’m getting on ok with them. I think when they were shown to me and they were explaining how to use them it all felt so impersonal and horrible plus my partner was with me and I normally spare him the personal details although he is really supportive and wants to know everything.

Mel x

Thank you Philleepa. 

All went very well thank you. I went to theatre at 8 am,  rods were inserted and then I was taken for a ct scan followed by mri scan then back to the ward.

The planning took place and I had the first Brachy late on Monday afternoon, then back to the ward.

The next 2 sessions were 9am and then 3pm on Tuesday and the rods were removed as soon as the last session was complete.  Gas and air and Morphine made the removal pain free. 

I have been up and about, just a little tired. 

They do  place a circular disc that pushes the bowel away from the treatment area, this also helps to stop the need of the bowel to be opened.

I am glad that my hospital completes the 3 sessions in one hospital stay, it's out of the way now and I can move forward. 

Please don't worry too much about this procedure. .. I worried for nothing. I hope your brachy days go quickly and stress free xx

Thanks Totty 

I'm really pleased it went well for you and it's lovelythat you can move forward.  I can't wait to wave goodbye to the hospital for a while on Feb 17th. My nurse was telling me all about the different things the hospital can offer by way of therapy, massages, art groups etc and I'm like Nooooooooooo,  once I've finished my treatment I'm outta here  I bet she thinks I'm really rude but I just want to close the door on this episode of my life and pretend it never happened