Hi ladies, hope your all well! 

I was wondering if any of you could help me, I had my first brachytherapy session on Tuesday and since then I have had an horrendous stinging like sensation doen below which  making me feel the constant urge to pee, expect half the time there's nothing there when I do attempt to go.  I'm already on antibiotics for an infection found when they were doing the brachytherapy so I would have hoped that if this was an infection the medication would have kicked in.  Have any of you had this experience following brachytherapy? 

Thank you 

much love xx


i experienced a lot of stinging during this part of the treatment. It was worse when I went to the loo. Silts baths helped me tremendously and I used a peri bottle with warm water and baking soda and sprayed while I was urinating. This took the sting away.  

If you are already getting treated for an infection odds are it is not that but cystis kicking in. 

I also used a cream that helped.  It was a shield cream. I developed a burn so this cream was given to me with another cream for the burn. Good luck. Your almost there 


Thank you I'll give it ago xx

I was  extremely  sore n stingy during  brachy also felt  lik my insides were gonna  fall out for a few  weeks  after  every time  i stood  up it  soon passes  thou  xx

That's how I'm feeling today, I can't get off the sofa and when I do it's like a surge of pain running through me. Hope it passes soon after I finish, just 2 more to go xx

Mine slowly  got  better each week just  rest hun not long to go now xxx

I had the same post Brachytherapy and eased off about 2 weeks after my last session. Such an awful pain ! Just drink loads of water and cranberry juice.