Brachytherapy side effects

Hi all

I have had my last brachytherapy on Tuesday and for the last two weeks since  my first brachytherapy I have had awful cystitis pain. Did anyone else have this and if so how long does it last ? I'm drinking loads of water and cranberry juice but doesn't seem to help. I have had my urine tested this week but no infection present.



Everyone  varies  mine  lasted bout  8 weeks  but  it gradually gets less painful  i have  read some  people's  dont last  long big hugs at  least  it the end of  treatment xxx

Thank you I'm so relieved to have finished and to know that this pain is normal too :)

Hi there. 

This is totally normal and since you have had a test to make sure it wasn't an infection it's just a matter of managing this uncomfortableness when going. 

Its sounds as though you are on the right track with lots of fluids. I found it really helped to use a peri bottles with warm water and I gently sprayed while going. Silts baths will also help. Don't hold your urine too long out of fear of the pain because that will make it worse. 

It took about 2 weeks for my pain to stop completely but everyday it did get a little better. Do try the peribottle it does help. You can also add a bit of baking soda to the warm water as it will neutralize the urine and stop the stinging. 

Hope that helps. 

Thank you Lolli I will definitely try that. I wasnt sure if baths were allowed or would cause infection so that's really good to know :) 

It's been 26 days of this torture and pain from radiation cystiti, I finished my brachy February 2016, and slowly feels like its going away but i have slept much since it started. I've had to go ER and they put me on a catheter to irrigate my bladder with saline to flush out the clots and yes I find the peribottle helped a bit with warm water but I haven't tried the baking soda but I will now. Still in a lot of pain tho 

Hello Jooles, 

Thank you for your post. I finished (5chemo/25 rad and 4 brachy) on 07/04/2017. Having same problem as yours. Felt good reading all replies and hoping to go away soon.