Brachytherapy prep

I have just begun my cervical cancer treatment. I am having chemo for 6 weeks, chemo radiation for 5 weeks, followed by the treatment I am dreading - Brachytherapy. I have been told this will involve 2 hospital stays of 2 nights each. I will have a short general anaesthetic to fit the rods.
I assume they will fit a catheter when they fit the rods but my query is - what bowel prep is required? How do they stop bowel movement for the 24+ hours you are lying flat?
Also, are you allowed to eat normally during this time?
These are probably the most unlikely things to worry about but the thought of an enema brings me out in a cold sweat!! I like to know what is coming!

Someone else might come along that can answer this more technically but I had my last brachy last week and had asked my nurse the same question.
Her answer was that the packing they place round the rods makes everything a bit narrower and slows down your bowels. She explained that even if you think you are going to poo it’s probably just wind and they will help you with things like peppermint tea.
In the end I never needed any of this, I was shocked because my bowels had been pretty active due to the radiotherapy, but I really never felt the urge. Xxx

I can totally relate to ur worries cause that was mine. I had my first brachytherapy on Wednesday morning. My experience is i was admitted on Tuesday at 5pm drank & ate normal till midnight. Got a large enima liquid in a plastic bottle which i requested to do myself at midnight. Then another 1 at 6am on the Wednesday. Went to theatre at 9am had a epidural in recovery by 10am. Then 11am a mri scan to check brachytherapy was in place. Then straight to radiotherapy. I was back on the ward by noon. I had a slice of toast then a sandwich later on. You do lie on ur back but the nurses roll u on a regular basis. I did feel i needed a poo through the night but the nurses reassured me it was just pressure off the brachytherapy equipment. They said only1/10 people will poo. I was dreading it being me.

Thanks for the info. Hope you coped ok with it all.

Thanks! It helps to hear from others who have been through it. Hope you are doing ok.

Yeah all ok not as bad as i imagined it was going to be. Repeated the process the next day. Thought i would go to theatre to have the brachy equipment removed but dr just came & removed it in radiotherapy room. From experience i had nothing to worry about all went so smoothly. Im back on tues night to repeat the process hoping its as smooth as the first time. Hoping ur experience is like mine x

You are nearly there! Well done! And thanks for the feedback.

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