Brachytherapy / fibroids

Has anyone not been able to have brachytherapy due to fibroids?

I am have more external doses instead but worried as I know brachytherapy was the good one

Thanks x

Hi there! You’re the first person I’ve found who had the same issues as me! I couldn’t have the brachy either, they tried but my fibroid was stopping the equipment from staying in🙄 I had my 6 month check on Monday though and there’s still no sign of any cancer, so the extra external beam seems to have done the trick🥳 It’s a much higher dose than the first 5 weeks and it’s directed straight at the cancer, so although I know how disappointing and worrying it is not to have the normal treatment I promise you it does work xxx

Thank you!

Are you in the UK?

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You’re welcome☺️ Yes, are you? I was so so worried when I found out I couldn’t have the brachy, but i was Ned at 3 months, and still looking good now🤞 x

I didn’t have brachy although not for reason of fibroids. I will be 26 years post treatment next month (Stage 3)


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I’m happier with the radiation externally I have bladder problems anyway from a old pelvic injury. It’s already feeling so irritated and a huge fibroid so I’ve been given this as an alternative.
5 more doses and I am complete
My team have been amazing :star_struck:
Congratulations on your 6 months. Xxx

Well done you!! You’re so close to the end :clap: I found the extra external beam a lot less intense than the first round, I didn’t seem to get as many side effects and the time seemed to fly by. Sending lots of love and luck xxx

That’s amazing! It gives me a lot of hope☺️ x

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Fingers crossed we all stay lucky!

So glad I found this forum, I am doing a 106k walk in one go for them is may. It’s been a life saver cxx

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