Brachytherapy after hysterectomy

Has anyone not received brachytherapy as part of their treatment after a hysterectomy? My treatment plan only involved chemo and external radiation. Just wondering if anyone else experienced the same.

Heya @Kellybug221

I mid chemo rads and not getting brachy. I was wondering why too so i asked my consultant on Wednesday. Because we had most or all of tumour etc removed at surgery, they are treating for any rogue cells, missed lymph nodes or whatever the case may be. Brachy can only target a certain area once youve had a hysterectomy because the applicator or machine cannot go any further up. I am getting a boost of 8 sessions of radio at the end of my treatment instead of brachy because there was just a 1mm clear margin in a certain area of where they removed and brachy wouldnt reach it because its higher up. Hope this puts your mind at ease xx

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