Brachy burning

Anyone been prescribed anything good for internal vaginal burning due to brachytherapy? So desperate that I'm on the verge of trying a frozen cucumber!!!

Have you asked your medical team yet?

Be lucky :-)

Sounds painful! i presume we are not talking cystitis here? I struggled a bit after each brachytherapy but the burning pain would go away after 24 hours. Hope you get sorted soon.


Hi I have found a cream that helped me as I had intense soreness down below after the treatment just on the inside of my vigina it's from boots and cost £9 but it so helps!! You have to order it from online but it's worth it....The make is eucerin I can not recommend it enough!!!

 If it's internal burning it will be cystitis or how ever you spell it I've got it after my 1st treatment and it burns when I wee and I get stabbing pains going inside of me when I don't. Go your doctors for this