brachy after hysterectomy

Hi guys so even though my pathology was clear woohoo my lovely professor has decided to do the brachy just to be safe!!! Awesome lol. So question is how does the brachytherapy work following a hysterectomy? My thinking was the rods are placed into the cervix but now that I don't have one how does that work?? :/



I was told by my consultant that I couldn't have bracky as I didn't have a uterus after my radical hyst! 

Hi you two :-)

I asked my oncologist much the same thing. The rods are placed as close as possible to the original source of the cancer, so, no cervix, just as high up the vagina as they can get them, which isn't very far in my case but they did it anyway LOL

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Did you have to be put to sleep for the rods to go in xx

Hi Charlene,

As far as I know there are two kinds of brachy, one lasts for hours and hours and the other lasts for about 5 minutes. I had the five minute version which was a bit annoying since the journey to get there was between ten and seven hours each way!! At least if I'd had the overnight version I wouldn't have had to pay the youth hostel!

Certainly I wasn't put to sleep, not worth it for a five minute buzz ;-)

Megsmaw has just had the long version, you might ask her?

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Hi Charlene

I had brachy after my hysterectomy, that was the only radiotherapy I had. I had the 5 minute version, literally was so easy! They insert the tube thing, roll some radioactive balls down it and it takes a few mins. No pain at all and I had no side effects at the time. I had 3 sessions,mine a week. Be warned they will recommend you use a dilator afterwards, I was told indefinitely. It’s not fun but it’s not a big deal, in the grand scheme of things. I occasionally bleed now after sex due to radiation damage but there’s no pain at all.

Good luck, I hope it goes well for you. My consultant said they often use just brachy after womb cancer and it’s just as effective as the full radio, without the side effects. You can also have full radio at a later point, if you need it.

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Ali x

thank you for coming back to me guys. I have the pre assessment for the brachy on monday however I am unfortunately in for the long haul. put to sleep two days on my back :(. difference being they do it at a low rate over a long period of time to protect my other organs (unable to have external beam due to bmi). So although i appreciate his concern for my bladde and bowel im a bit frightened about the whole thing, is just one big roller coaster of facing the unknown. so far ive had the full works I was hoping this bit would be the easy bit


charlene xx

Hi Charlene,

I think this bit still is the easy bit - being put to sleep for two days on your back :-) Though I imagine you'd probably be quite stiff after all that lying still, you'd probably have to take it very gently when you first get up. Perhaps you could PM Megsmaw to ask her more about it.

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