I’m thinking of making some bracelets using teal ribbon charms and some word charms and wondered if people would be interested - I’ll need to cost them up, but hopefully they will be about £30 (maybe less) and that will include a donation to Jo’s Trust.

Hey there

That sounds like a great idea. I’d buy one.

I’ve seen something similar on ebay from America but didn’t want to buy one 'cos I didn’t know if any money would go to charity.


Teal’s a lovely colour! Brilliant idea xx

Hey Hun,

How strange, my friend and I were looking into bracelets the other day as she asked me what the colours were for cervical cancer, I didn’t know so we looked it up, teal and white are lovely colours but we couldn’t find any to buy from the UK.

I would definately be interested, keep me posted.


:lol: Hey this sounds great.
How about just the charms for the bracelets that are on the market already-if the cost is too much

Yes - i would be interested in buying one. Have been trying to get hold of one for ages.

Would deffo be interested in one, fabulous idea!!! count me in!