Boxing Day sales … planning ahead

Hey :slight_smile: . I start chemo-radiation the end of January and thought I would take advantage of the sales atm to buy anything I might need to help me through it .

Does anyone have any recommendations/suggestions for creams,remedies, pills . Really anything you used or treated your self too during treatment xx

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Hey Mel

I loved Aveeno products during treatment. To the point I am still using them. Brilliant for radiation days

I got myself new PJs for chemo days but I was the only one wearing PJs on the chemo ward but I didn’t care :sunglasses:

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Get some farleys baby rusks. I know it sounds daft, but when the sickness started I was really sick, my diet was so poor, but they’re just plain and full of vitamins, my bloods before chemo were spot on every week so they must have helped.
Also order some cranberry tablets for after treatment. They don’t like you taking supplements while you’re having chemo, check with your chemo team if you’re not sure, but after my brachytherapy I started one a day cranberry tablets and (touches wood) I’ve not had a single UTI. Good luck with everything xx


Oh thanks I will definitely try these , I remember the mods having them and I stole some bites :rofl:. Can’t go wrong either way xx