Bowl movements

Hi guys,

im 5 days post radical hysterectomy. I've been taking Movecol powders since Wednesday night. Im home today and still no bowl movements. Can any of you guys suggest anything else that will help? I eat little and often and very healthily too as I'm following Slimming World still. Thanks in advance xxxx

Hi kazzag

After my radical hysterectomy i was told to use milk of magnesium. It really helpes had no problem going to the bathroom. Hopes this helps.

Good luck ,in my prayers :-)

Thanks Hun, I will ask today. I've got to go back into hospital for them to check my catheter and hopefully remove it. Xxxx

Oh I do feel for you! Brings back memories. I used Senna but not sure how effective it really was. It did shift on its own eventually. Hope you find relief soon. 

Hi ladies been back to hospital today to have my catheter removed and the lively nurse gave me a supository. That did the trick! I went within the hour! The relief is fantastic! She says it's because I'm not eating enough. Got to carry on with the Movecol powders for the next 2 weeks.