bowel surgery

I had a colonoscopy today and was told that part of my bowel is obstructed im going to have a scan to see what can be done but might need part of it removed. Im devastated i recently started a job after being unemployed two years and starting to get back to normal after the cancer and now feel im back to square one has anyone had anything similar? thanks

What do they think is causing the blockage? Did you have radiation as part of your treatment? 

What are you worrying about particularly. Is it taking time off work or the operation itself?

There are a few of us on the forum who have had total pelvic exenteration which includes removal.of part of the bowel and the provision of a colostomy. Are you worried this might happen to you? 

I am asking questions rather than answering yours but just trying to find out more about your exact concerns.


I have an ileostomy as I have a large fistula between my bowel and vagina. It was put in on the 27th April to bypass, so i stopped passing faeces through my vagina. The radiation weakened the walls after my large tumour did as well. I am currently having hyperbaric oxygen therapy to try and heal my pelvic tissues. I can not have surgery to repair at this stage.  I have to wait at least another year to ensure no further radiation damage. Then I will most likely need a low anterior resection with tissue transplanted to help reinforce with maybe permanent colostomy formation. No what I wanted really but much better than not being able to eat and having the most severe pain I have ever experienced. I am gaining back some quality of life. But still have a lot of healing and recovering to do.


Best wishes  xx