Both ovaries removed or just one ???

I'm facing the decision do I both removed? Diagnosed 9th December stage 1A cervical cancer but on the mri found cyst on ovary fairly confident it is but want to make sure so removing one. Asked and explained about removing both very slim chance but if it did return it would be an ovary. So is menopause so bad and worth the peace of mind? Xx

Hi Katy,

I was 1b2 with a bulky tumour so my treatment plan was chemo/radio/brachy. Before treatment started a scan showed a cyst on my right ovary and I had the one ovary removed prior to treatment starting. I was never asked about the other ovary but we all knew the radiation treatment would leave the other ovary useless from the first treatment. For me age would play a big part in my decision. As I'm 46, hitting menopause some years early is not the end of the world, but if I was a lot younger I would have to think more carefully about it. It's not just about hot flushes and night sweats, we also have bone health to think about. Regarding menopause, every single person's body reacts differently. I would consider myself lucky in that I have no mood swings, no night sweats and my hot flushes are only in the evenings and very manageable. I am now considered post menopausal as it has been 12 months since I've had a period. However, I do wake up every single moring at 4am to pee (never ever done this before) which is a bit annoying and disrupts sleep. Would your ovary removal be part of a bigger operation or laprascopic? Mine was laprascopic and I found the recovery was really quick. Best of luck with your decision.

x Maria