borederline and hi risk HPV

hell everyone

i have rad loads on here i think this website is fab :)

a few weeks ago i had my smaer i am 24 

i had the letter that said borederline and HPV 

i went for my colopcopy and there was 2 areas that showed up wight with the viniger stuff

she took 2 biopsis but dint relly tell me much just sed i would get a letter in 4 to 6 week 

its not evan been aweek yet and i av got my self in a right state 

but i dont no why i have as it was only borederline so i feel silly for worrying 

dose anyone if i could get the biopsis back any faster 

thank you katie x

Hello huni,

try not to worry yourself as this is what we all tend to do & it really doesn't sound like anything to worry about! I had the same letter from my first smear which stated I had low grade dyskariyosis & evidence of HPV & confirmed the high risk HPV at my colposcopy but said it just looked like the virus & nothing else. She took 2 punch biopsies anyway just to check the areas :) I'm on week 2 of waiting for my results, she did say it would take about 4 weeks.

I think they tend to hurry your results if it needs dealing with straight away - they probably aren't too concerned as you're only 24 & as it was borderline, it can go back to normal on it's own without having to have treatment. So I wouldn't worry hun! You're in their hands & are being dealt with :)

hugs xxx

thanks for getting back to me i no i shunt worry as much as i am its made it wors as i have got a infection now after biopsis and in pain plz let me no when you get ur results back hun


Awh bless you huni :( I was worried I may get an infection too but luckily I didn't. You should get yourself some vitamin C from holland & barrett to boost your immune system! Vitamin C does wonders for the hin an body, also lots of fruit & veg will help fighting off the virus! :)

honestly though, as hard as it may be, don't worry yourself. I panicked big time when I got my results but I've learnt that worry only leads to stress & stress doesn't help the body, so be as positive as you can!!! You will be fine hun.. 

Big hugs!! I will update you when I receieve my results :)


Sorry that meant to say 'human' silly iphone lol