Borderline with HPV

Hello all, 

i recieved letter on Friday (13th) saying I had borderline changes with hpv

 I now have to go for a colposcopy

I was wondering what peoples experiences and outcomes were of this


it doesn't say if it is high risk hpv or not, but so they only test for high risk hpv with smears? 



Hiya :)

i had a borderline smear result with hpv too went to colposcopy where 2 biopsys were taken and that actually came back as CIN2 So moderate changes I now have to go back for lletz treatment....usually bordeline will mean mild changes but because of the hpv there's a chance you could have a high grade abnormality or you could go to colposcopy and there be no abnormality present that's why colposcopy is advised just to get a better look at what's actually going on. I was worried sick about my appointment as I didn't know what to expect but honestly it was a doddle the waiting for results is the worst part of the whole process. Good luck xx

Hi my first smear came back as borderline too with HPV and I had to go to colposcopy. The colposcopy was fine and actually a lot easier than the smear test itself but they are doing it day in day out.

I had biopsies taken just to be sure but they said the cells were so close to being normal. Waiting for the results was the worst part and they came back with no abnormalities and to have a repeat smear at the doctors in a year.

Good luck - I hope it goes ok x

Jan 13 - smear- borderline with HPV

Feb 13 - colposcopy - no treatment

Feb 14 - smear- mild dyskaryosis with HPV

Mar 14 - colposcopy - CIN1 with HPV

Feb 15 - smear - mild dyskaryosis with HPV - awaiting colposcopy appointment


Hi Zoe,

I had borderline changes and HPV too. I went for my colposcopy last Monday and they took biopsies so I am now awaiting the results for this.

It's the waiting game which I really hate, but trying to to let it worry me too me.

Let us know how you get on

Sarah x


I got the same letter on 13/02/2015. Borderline with HPV. This was my first smear too. I've been told I need to go for a colposcopy. I was just wondering do the hospital call you or do you need to call them? There was no number to call on the letter or anything, but I don't really want to be waiting around for a call. Just want to get it sorted because I'm nervous enough as it is :-(

Any information will be appreciated :-)

Thanks ladies. 

Very worrying isn't it. 

My letter said to call the hospital. I did and they said they had already automatically booked me in..

I now have a 5 week wait :/

do they always do a biopsy at the colposcopy? 




No not all the time...they will put some acetic acid (like vinegar) on your cervix and if there is any abnormalities they will show up white...that's when they will take a biopsy just to see what is actually going on and to decide if you will need treatment or can be left to return to normal by itself. Xx


I had the same results but my letter said high risk HPV detected. I had a coloscapy appt but only for them to check down there first. She seen a small area that turned white so took 1 biopsy. I got the results back less than 2 weeks after my appt. The biopsy was a punch biopsy and I didn't feel anything - the cough they tell you too do covered any pain if I would of had any - although I did have cramps afterwards, but nothing pain killers and hot water bottle didn't help! 

If they think you need treatment there and then they will do it, but I got given a Date for treatment after my results.

Hope it all goes well,


Thank you.

do you think my letter would have said high risk hPV? It just said evidence of hpv? 





Hi zoe

my letter told me I tested positive for HPV didnt say if it was high or not, when I went for my colposcopy it said high risk HPV on the paper. So I don't think the letter tells you 

Zoe a five week wait is actually a good thing. If there is anything urgent and suspect you get a a two week referral. I have just got a boarder line result too, but no HPV. colposcopy proceedure is fine and I found it a better experience and less painful than a smear - have had two of these previously. As anxiety girl said, they put a solution on your cervix and only after than do they take biopsies if they need to. You can usually watch on camera if you want to. Once i knew mine was ok I was curious and it was reassuring to see what they were looking at. Xx