Borderline to Moderate?!

Having had my smear and receiving a borderline result & evidence of HPV I have been for my Colposcopy & the doc said he thought it might be moderate rather than borderline.
He said nor to worry but it might come back CIN2 meaning he would remove the cells and then likely to have another smear in 6 months. Would he have been able to detect cancer at that stage. Confused!
Should I be worried??

Hi Rach!

I have just had treatment for CIN 2. My smear came back as severe high grade which usually means CIN 3 but when I had the colposcopy he actually saw nothing! It was only through the two biopsies that they found a small area of CIN 2. I'm pretty sure if it was anything worse he would've picked it up - they see things like this everyday and are usually pretty good at their job.

Try not to worry too much - I had terrible anxiety and it took over me for a few weeks! But I woke up one day and just thought I cannot keep worrying about something I have no control over. 

I had cold coagulation for CIN 2 which is what they do in my area and it was absolutely fine. I feel fine and I'm three days after treatment. A little bit achey for a few hours after it but other than that I'm all good :)

if you need a chat please just message me :)

Charlene x