Borderline to CIN3 and health

Hi there. 

I had my routine smear In Feb which came back with borderline results. 

I then had my colposcopy and biopsies that came back as CIN2. I had my LLetz treatment in April and today i received my results back that were then shown as CIN3.

Firstly I am wondering how could the biopsy show level 2 and the lletz show level 3 in such a short about of time? And secondly is there anything I can do health wise (food, exercise, vitamins etc) to help all this? 

Many thanks in advance :)

Hi Zoe,

When I saw my doctor after the colposcopy, he said not to be surprised if the result is different from the LLETZ. They remove the entire affected area rather than a small bit for a biopsy. He also said that the cervix has a design flaw as the tissue doesn't have a barrier like skin and the HPV infection can get in. Why some women can fight it and others can't, they don't know. I went from normal to CIN3 in just 3 years. I have read that papaya can help the impact of HPV infection.

Take care


I think what has happened is the area the biopst took was cin2, however when they took and examined a larger area they found the cin3. There's nothing you can do health wise as far as I know but of course eat a balanced, healthy diet for a healthy you x