borderline smear with hpv but no biopsy

hi ladies back in October I had my first smear aged 27 it came back borderline with hpv present I was refered for a cols 4 weeks layer I went for my cols at the end of November 2014 where the doctor told me everything looked fine a d my doctors will be in touch when my next smear is due I went to my doctors the other day to see if they will resmear me as its been over 6 months the nurse said she could resmear me but as soon as it goes to lab they would throw it aways as I not due a smear till 2017 I'm worring myself mad as when I had my cols no biopsys was taken has anyone expericened this plz xx

I no this is old but I kinda had same experience little back ground my last 3 smears HPV pos no cell changes so I went to colcospy due to 3 HPV in a row she did colcospy and said if I see anything I will biopsy so she put the viniger stuff on and the iodine and said it’s just from the HPV that is showing no biopsy needed repeat smear in year am like how how can you say that with out a biopsy