Borderline smear, very scared after Colposcopy & awaiting biopsy results. Why wouldn't my consultant answer any of my questions?

Hi there! I’m new here, I’ve been extremely nervous/scared ever since my smear two months ago, and I’m just looking for some advise really after having my colposcopy - I hope that’s ok. I understand that a lot of women are going through worse on this forum, so I hope this doesn’t sound petty, but I’m just terrified out of my mind!

I had my first ever smear (aged 24.5) at the start of January 2017, which came back as Borderline changes and HPV Positive. I received an appointment for 30th March, so I counted down the days - hoping that I could get my questions answered when I went for my colposcopy. From what I’ve read, a lot of the consultants are very informative, and some of the women can even look at the image of their cervix on the screen. My colposcopy was the first chance I’ve had to speak to an actual person about this (as opposed to letters) and so I had lots of questions to ask as you can imagine.

Well my appointment was very rushed. All I know is that she took 3 biopsies (Is that bad?!) and that she said that my cervix appeared to be ‘in line with the results of my smear’ - so in other words, borderline. (Borderline what?) I didn’t get to see my cervix on the screen, so I’m not sure how it looked (she didn’t really tell me). I then got changed and assumed I would be given an opportunity to ask questions. I asked what CIN grade I appeared to be, to which she replied “CIN is pre-cancer. That’s what the biopsy is for.” I have to wait 4 weeks for the results so it would be nice to get an idea of where I stand. I felt as though she was in a rush to get the next patient in - she was even stood up walking out the door whilst I was asking questions. I finally asked her what will happen next, and she just said “we can’t say until we get the results of the biopsy, that will determine what happens next.” She then left me in the room with the poor nurse who was trying to comfort me, and I burst into tears. Sorry if that sounds dramatic, I was just hoping to get some answers after waiting for 2 months - at least an idea of what I have and what this means. Overall it was an awful experience. I’m not sure why she didn’t want to tell me anything - do you think she is worried it might be cancer and she didn’t want to worry me? And if she told me it appears to be borderline, is that a good thing?
Is borderline pre-cancer? And if she thought it was borderline, could she also think I have cancer?

I’m sorry if this is so long, I would really appreciate some insight if anyone can help, as I’m very confused right now. Similarly I’m happy to help anyone with support (though I’m clearly new to this!)

Thank you!

I feel for you xx I had my smear come back beginning of March saying I had the virus and high levels. So I had a colopsy I have to say I knew what was going to happen as I had been with my best friend X they took biopsys and I was just so scared and worried because a year tomorrow my mum passed away with unturine cancer tumour in the wall lining so I had been to the clinic loads of times and was so scared. My nurse was amazing and was so understanding that what my mum had event though it's not related in my head it is it's all down there.  The procdure didn't hurt nor the biopsys. I asked was there loads of of white cells she said no I saw on the screen and there were some hiding around the corner. She said once the results come back they will chat and decide on the next steps but to have them romover in clinic under local she also made me an appointment in six months. I was still sCared. She said most cases are non cancerous and not to worry she said I would be in soon for the procdure  I waited just over two weeks and got a letter saying that my appointment had been lived to 25th April no further information so course all yesterday I was crying and scared it's just an emotional time with mums anniversary. After reading blogs on here I checked my answer phone I had a call from the hospital. I don't know what they wanted but will call them first thing I haven't had much sleep xx I haven't had symptoms but I panic incase I have missed them through greiving. I have never had issues before.  You won't have to wait for weeks my nurse say that in case the labs are busy and if we haven't heard back we panic.  It's a worrying time xxxx sending you hugs xxxx


Im 25, had my first smear in Jan and received the same results as you so went along to a colposcopy (which I burst into tears as soon as I walked into the room so don't worry about your little moment!!!) 

I was told that she could see some changes so was going to take a biopsy which she did but only the one for me and I asked if they looked low grade and she answered with some hesitation saying "they do but I can't say for definite, the lab look closer than I can" I don't think theyre allowed to say too much incase your biopsy results come back different from what she's said she's seen so they won't give you a definitely answer. The whole appointment for me was just horrendous, it hurt and I blame myself that because I was so tense and I'm praying I don't have to do back into that room! I feel like i made such a drama although all the nurses were lovely towards me 

I'm now waiting for my results (which is the killer isn't it!) nearly 3 weeks and nothing yet so I'm hoping no news is good news!

hopefully I've given you some comfort knowing that I'm in the exact same position with the same results so far 

hopefully in a few weeks we will know what going on! Keep me updated, nice to know that someone's feeling the same way I do 


thank you ladies

your comments also made me feel better about the massive wobbly i have been on since my smear in feb.

i  cried through the whole of my colposcapy even with my mother there....(she was supposed to be moral support)

i had a massive language barrier with the nurse and it felt like i was expected to know what they meant.

they too also felt like they were rushing me out of the room.


i got my results back in just over 4 weeks.

i think i have been lucky as it still says borderline and they want to repeat in a years time.

i don't feel like i have been well informed.

i just want this hell to be over and go back to some sort of a normal life


keep us update and hopefully we can advocate for change and being better informed