Borderline Smear Result

Hi All I've had my smear result back and it said borderline changes but they are not going to snear me again till 3yr call back... Should I be happy to settle at this?... I do have other symptoms and just have a nagging feeling to go back to the doctor !! This is my first post in the forum and any advice is greatly appreciated :) x

Ps symptoms are heavy bleeding between periods , discharge and slight bleeding after intercourse... I'm drained and tired and have very sore stomach lower back and top of my legs!! Just need advice 

Yes - insist on another check - I sure wouldn't be comfortable waiting 3 years for another check xxx

Due to the fact you had a borderline result they then send it to be checked for HPV, yours was obviously negative which is brilliant! It's the HPV virus that causes the CIN / CGIN / cervical cancer. So the fact you don't have the hpv virus means you are good. Borderline result can be caused by other things too and you will probably find it clears itself, could even just be inflamed from the symptoms you have. If you wanted a private smear say next year to be on the safe side they are around £80 at private clinics, if it's on your mind then I think £80 Is def worth it. if you do this though you need to leave atleast 4 months since your last smear at your gp to let your cervix cells restore bk to what they were pre smear, if you do it too soon you won't get a good reading. I'd keep on at the gp regarding your other symptoms tho, get the gp to refer you to a gynaecologist if you are worried xxx