Borderline smear result after a cone biopsy...feeling low

I have just received my latest follow-up smear result, which came back as borderline.  Last year I had CIN1, CIN2 and HG CGIN, treated with Lletz under GA in Feb'12 and then a cone biopsy under GA 6 weeks later.  This cone biopsy proceedure indicated the abnormality was totally removed.

My first follow up smear was unsatisfactory and the latest one now borderline with a call back in another 6 months.  I had had trouble all year with continued bleeding and slow healing, treated with silver nitrate cauterisation.  The first unsatisfactory smear did come back HPV negative though, but I am suspicious that this is inaccurate as the smear didnt work.  The Dr reckons they only need a tiny sample for HPV tests though...

I had been coping on the basis I would get a normal result after what my body has been through.  And now I am back in the worry and wait cycle once again.  I have so many anxieties... CGIN can be patchy so I am scared they missed a bit...that the HPV has returned...that there is a worse patch that they missed...that this isn't going to end and I'm not going to feel normal ever again...that its going to damage my relationship more than it already has....that its another delay in being able to start a family.  Generally feeling crap.

Has anyone received the same result? Did the borderline changes revert to normal?  I read borderline can be caused by other issues such as inflammation - is this true?




Hi Michelle,

So sorry to read that you’ve been having such a rough time.

My situation was different to yours, but certainly my experience of diagnosis of HG CGIN was that it was not a simple thing. Hang on in there, the main thing is to know, isn’t it?

Hope someone who has had a similar experience to you can give you some reassurance.

Best of luck my dear xxx

Hi Rosehip


Thanks for your kind words.  Yes the HG CGIN is the main worry but you are right it is better to know and be aware.  Not sure I can wait around for another 6 months to see if it has got worse again though, I don't think my nerves can handle it.  Considering repeating the smear and HPV tests privately after three months instead.

Wishing you all the best in your recovery and for good health :)