Borderline - is biopsy required?

Hi I was wondering if having borderline on my letter invite for first colposcopy and HPV positive means I definitely will have a biopsy taken on the day? Just trying to prepare myself emotionally for some pain and to be told there is more waiting for results of the a biopsy.
Is a biopsy only needed if they see abnormalities on the camera?
Other questions will my partner (male) be allowed to sit with me in the room when it’s being done?
Will I be ok to go back to work (working from home) straight after a biopsy?


It depends what they see. A lot of borderline changes sort themselves out so it may be a case of watch and wait. Or they may take biopsies, which are a bit uncomfortable but not that bad. I went to work straight after biopsies and I work in a shop standing for 8 hours. Each body is different.

Because of covid, you may not be able to have someone with you, but you can always ask :slight_smile:

Hello… like you I tested HPV positive with borderline changes. I had my colposcopy last week and three biopsies taken. The first one was painful but the other two a minor pinch. I felt uncomfortable for a short time and was told to take it easy for a couple of days. I had discharge which is normal. I was told it would be 4 to 6 weeks for the results. I was surprised about having the biopsies but better to get them done and know what’s going on. Take care.

I also had borderline changes, had my colposcopy appointment this week and had one biopsy taken. I didn’t feel any pain from the biopsy being taken, they made me cough at the same time. I felt fine that day but the day after had bad cramps and work was difficult.

I wasn’t allowed to bring anyone with me but the nurses were very friendly.

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