'Borderline changes'??

Hi ladies. I haven’t been here in a while! I had 2 LLETZs earlier this year to remove severe CGIN and microinvasive CC, just had my 6 month colp results back and it says I have borderline changes. They are not treating it but need another colp in 6 months. What are borderline changes???


Hey lemoncat,

Sorry to hear this and see no one has replied to your post. I think borderline is CIN1, the lowest grade of CIN you can get. Strange that you have it when you have had most of your cervix removed already. I guess they want to watch and wait so as not to overtreat you, but given that you have had a previous cancer diagnosis, it must be really unsettling for you. Do you feel ok with the plan? you are always entitled to a second opinion or further explanation if you feel you need more. 

Sending big hugs