“Borderline changes”

Hi ladies.

I had my smear back on December 15th and got my results on January 22nd - typically this is the longest wait I've ever had for results! It came back as HPV positive and "borderline cell changes". I have my colposcopy this Thursday & am just pretty nervous about it all. I had my baby boy back in April, our first child, so I'm not sure if that is relevant or not.

I started back on the mini pill in June and have had a bit of unpredictable bleeding the last few months but just put it down to the pill & breastfeeding, hormone changes etc, but now I've had bleeding start the day after sex twice & have been having some period type pains. Until I got the smear results I'd assumed I'd stop the pill & this would all be sorted but now I can't help but worry. 

from reading some stories on here it seems like some people have treatment during their first colposcopy, is that right? 

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I think you can have treatment during the colposcopy but (as far as I know) the cell changes have to be significant for them to do this (so at least CIN 1 or 2).  I had my colposcopy after my first smear test 3 years ago and mine came back also as HPV positive and abnormal cell changes. During my colposcopy they took a biopsy sample and sent that off for testing - it came back saying my changes were borderline and, even though I had high risk HPV, the cell changes were not bad enough to do anything about them and to come back for a smear in 3 years time.  I've just had my 2nd smear done a week ago and am now waiting for the results - fingers crossed they are better than last time ?.  I would try not to worry too much about the colposcopy- they only take a biopsy if the cervix doesn't look as right as it should once they look at it through the microscope and when taking a biopsy they give you some numbing so that it doesn't hurt.  I know it's easier said than done to not worry, but at least your appointment isn't too far away. Hope this helps, and good luck xxx

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