Borderline changes positive HPV - Colposcopy+Biopsys now awaiting results...

Hi Guys,

I have been reading the forum and have found it very helpful in helping me understand whats going on as the tis was my first smear (something I have never really thougbt about) so I'm finding it a little difficult to deal with.

I had the smear return 8th Feb 2013 BORDERLINE CHANGES HPV POSITIVE and an appointment with the Colposcopy clinic 6 weeks later. I have had bleeding after sex and pain for months now I had a scan and everything was fine so I thought I'd just wait and see what happens at my smear (I just am 25 so this is my first one) I attended the appointment he said he will have a look and if he see's anything he will take a biopsy after looking (I couldn't bare to look at the screen so i'm not sure what it looked like??) he said he needed to take a biopsy and thehrefore did.

I was sent away nothing said not even what he thought he saw or why he took a biopsy- I really didn't know what to ask so I didn't ask any questions and left. He said I would hear within 4-6 weeks. Last week was week 5 so I called the hospital who said the letter is waiting to be signed by Consultant.... Sooo I anxiousy waited to recieve the letter but I STILL haven't I called today to see if it has been sent and they told me there are alot of moves going on with departments therfore he has been very busy and not yet signed it - 'SORRY'. I know they can't give you results over the phone EVEN IF ITS NORMAL but its so unfair waiting I feel sick every day :(.

I just want advice really, baiscally as I have borderline changes AND HPV does that mean HPV has caused it? What if I ahve had HPV for years? And most of all if there was something wrong or I needed further treatment it wouldn't just be sitting on his desk... Or would it? Ahhh I know I'm probably being OTT but I am a worry pants. 


Thanks Millions Milly xxXxx

Hi Milly, Welcome to the forum, glad you found it though obviously I'm sure you'd rather not be here!

First of all, just to say that I'm still fairly early on in my own process and I have found the ladies here to be an amazing support, i'm sure you will too. I was diagnosed as mild changes HPV+ in Feb, was around my 4th smear, all the others had come back "normal", I've had my colposcopy & biopsy taken, the results came back after 6weeks confirming CIN2 (moderate changes) - I'm now waiting for a check up in June with probable treatment.

The waiting is so hard I agree!

I'm by no means an expert - I'm sure other ladies can tell you more- but by my understanding, HPV is a virus which can cause cells in our cervix to change. The changes vary in level (borderline, CIN1/mild, CIN2/Moderate or CIN3/Severe changes). Whether or not you have treatment after your biopsy results depends on your hospital, doctor, your age, the levels of changes etc. Quite often I think boderline or mild changes in women under 30 don't require treatment as the body naturally fights the HPV and the cells revert back to normal once its gone. If like me you are over 30 andor have CIN2 or 3 then treatment is more likely. But do not worry, you will be advised what is needed! Don't worry yourself second guessing - impossible i know! I do it! :)

Even if you have had HPV for a while, this is still an uincredibly early stage to be picked up - this is a good thing. You are in the system now and will get the support needed.

Keep us updated and take care!


K x

Hi K,


Thank you so much for your reply - this really helped. I know I am in the best hands I just keep thinking why has it been on his desk for over a week (almost 2) that must mean its nothing to worry about but keeping me waiting is a killer Cry. I keep thinking he must have seen something bad to have biopsy it does this mean it was a CN level or could it have just been like a scratch or sore? Or is it a pretty routine thing done at every colposcopy just to be on the safe side? Is it fairly normal after biopsy to have a letter be returned saying everything is fine 3 year smear from now? 

Soooo sorry for all the questions. 

I am sure I will find out very soon and I will update- Thanks again it's so nice to talk to someone.


Milly x

Hello, no worries about the questions, though I'm not sure I can answer them :) I think a lot depends on what the policy of your local NHS Trust is and how they decide to treat you. I *think* in London they always take a biopsy to get all the facts before deciding on the next step. But I know from others here that a lots of NHS trusts give the treatment (normally LLetz under Local An.) at the same appointment at the colp.

In my case (and please do not let this worry you!) I was told CIN1 from my smear, at the colp they could "see the tiniest bit of cell change" they estimated CIN1 was correct diagnosis at smear but took a biopsy "just as a regular precaution" I was sent home that day with a letter copied to GP saying they hoped to proceed without treatment. Biopsy came back 6 weeks later as actually the next level up CIN2 and an appt for 3 months time (June) to check again and probably have LLetz under LA (confirmed by doctor on day though I'm going to push - I want this out!)

This is NOT meant to scare you, its just that you can never tell. chances are if you are confirmed borderline they may proceed without treatment - perhaps your smears will need to be more regular - but again, its dependant on so many factors - its not worth guessing - You are in the best hands! :) Whatever happens, you'll get support here :)

K x

Oh okay - that maske sense. I will keep you updated when I hear, hopefuly the Consultant will sign it soon :(.

If you don't mind just one more question. Is borderline changes the same as CN1 ir is it a totally different thing and nowhere near as bad?


Hello, I don't mind, but I'm honestly not sure hun.



Okay lol thank you tho xx