Borderline changes but booked urgently

Hoping that people can put my mind at rest a little bit and wondering if people have had the same experience. I went for my smear at the start of January and got a letter back saying borderline changes and that I have been booked for a colposcopy, my appointment was booked pretty quickly within the two week pathway, but my understanding is that is not necessarily normal for it to be so quick if the results are borderline? Has anybody else had this same experience? The nurse that did my test when I asked did say that there was a bit of blood on the smear so the results were a bit hard to interpret, so is it possible that they have just called me in as a precautionary measure on the urgent pathway ?

Hello. Here is a link to the pathways for colposcopy

When I had borderline changes a few years ago I was also seen in 2 weeks it’s not abnormal. It also depends on how busy your area is etc, so sometimes you’ll be in quicker anyway just did to postcode lottery.

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Hi Jann, I had borderline changes with HPV positive result from my November smear. I had my first colposcopy yesterday and was very anxious about the procedure. I finished work early that day and had a long relaxing bath before my appointment and arrived 15 minutes early. The doctor thanked me as the person before me had got stuck in traffic so we swapped appointments. I explained my anxiety and all my health issues and he was very careful. He explained the procedure and checked throughout if I was ok. The nurses were also very reassuring. I got to see my cervix for the first time and watched the whole procedure which was a good distraction. There was no sign of cancer or any concerns, he said it looked completely clear and I would need a follow up smear in 12 months to see if the HPV had cleared and cells normal. He also noticed that my bowel prolapse has got significantly worse and said he would arrange to see me again for this to discuss surgery.I was expecting this at some stage so in a way the Colposcopy has saved me going through my doctor to be referred and hopefully I can get treatment sooner. Following my colposcopy I have had some spotting and period type pain but hopefully this will be gone in a few days.Overall my experience of the Colposcopy was a positive one, I could not feel much effect of the solutions they use, only a very mild sting from the acetic acid, nothing from the iodine. I hope you have a good result when you have your appointment.

Hi Bluemoon thank you so much for taking the time to reply.

I have my appointment tomorrow and I haven’t stopped crying the anxiety is insane . Sounds like you had a really positive experience. Hoping that mine is the same! X

I hope so, let me know how you get on.

Thank you I’m absolutely terrified and haven’t slept all barely eaten for about 10 days. I have worked myself up so much over it