Borderline changes and HPV+

Hi all,

I will be 25 next week. When I was 20 I contracted genital warts and after that I learnt a lot about HPV, I therefore went to a private clinic and paid for a HPV test for the high-risk strands. This came back positive. 

I then had my first smear at 21 despite having no symptoms. 

1. Smear 1 (2010, age 21) came back normal but because I reported a positive HPV status they tested me again 6 months later.
2. Smear 2 (2010, age 21) came back with borderline changes.
3. Smear 3 (2011, age 22) happened 6 months later and again came back with borderline changes and HPV+.
4. Smear 4 (2011, age 22) happened 6 month later and again came back with borderline changes and HPV+.
5. Smear 5 (2012, age 23) happened 6 months later which came back NORMAL.

I was told to come back 6 months later but I left it until now,
6. Smear 6 (2014, age 24) happened almost 2 years later.

My results came back today again borderline changes with HPV +.


Now I have to go for a colposcopy. OK so my thoughts are - I have had HPV to my knowledge for nearly 5 years. Why has it not cleared by now? I have been with the same sexual partner for 3 years. I feel worried it's just going to stay with me and my immune system is obviously not strong enough to fight it off. For all I know I could have had it for even longer than 5 years I just KNOW I have had it 5 years because that's when I got tested. I guess I'm just worried now and have no idea what this colposcopy will show. I feel that if it just comes back with borderline changes or CIN1 though and they tell me to wait and see if it "goes away on it's own and wait and see" is completely pointless because it's been 5 years!!!

On the flip side I'm also terrified as it has been 5 years, I could go to my colposcopy and find I have cancer. Have read some posts on here from people who had received normal smears, then next thing they know, receive a a borderline changes smear, attend a colposcopy and have cancer and require a hysterectomy! Huge jumps in the space of very short amounts of time.

Hi,  i had smears before 25 because "back in the day" they still did them... My tests always came back ok.. But they didnt do hpv tests back then. When i was 25/26 i had a couple of boarderline smears and was found to have cin 2... Had treatment and followup smears which were normal.. But no hpv test. Moved to a new pct area wehere they do test hpv and got a normal smear but hpv positive. Turns out i have a small area of cin 1... Most likely the same infection as the first time that nevet went away. The hpv test is fab because it is so sensitive... It picks up hpv when sometimes it would be missed. But it also makes people worry unnecessarily. Hpv does not mean you have changes, hpv is "normal" in the population and even if you do have changes the vast majority of the time it clears up by itself... Knowledge is good but sometimes i think knowing too much about the normal little things in the body can make people worry.