Borderline changes and High HPV DNA...

Hi girls just looking for some advice really, should I be worried?

June 12     Went for routing smear test

July 12     Abnormalities found sent for colposcopy

Aug 12     CIN3 found!

Oct 12     Laser treatment under general anesthetic

26th Apr 13     6 month check - another smear at the hospital with testing for HPV

24th May 13     Results back states - Borderline changes and High HPV DNA detected.  Letter states I will be invited back in 2 months but my appointment is next week (Less than 5 weeks after my check up)

4th June 13     I have an appointment for another Colposcopy and Cytology


Should I be worried, does this mean I will need further laser treatment or could it be far worse. Has anyone been through the same experience?

Thanks in advance Embarassed 

Hey Kate

Its more than likley that you were hpv + before they got round to testing for it so I wouldnt let that revelation worry you too much. My 6 month check didnt come back clear and I have needed more treatment but my results were severe and I was called back within a week, not sure what they do with borderline results from a follow up. One thing is for sure though and that is that the docs are on the case and will make sure you continue to kick the ass of any abnormalities, if you do need any more treatment at least you know you arent giving it the chance to get any worse. 

Waiting to find out what is going on is the worst part of this whole process but I would be glad to not have to wait for 2 months for the appointment, it is likley that 2 months is the guideline for waiting times but they have managed to fit you in sooner. Your colp is the same day I get my results so will be thinking of you, let us know how you get on.



Thanks for replying Niki - you're right the worst thing is waiting, I have been so anxious I haven't been sleeping properly!

I do feel a bit better now after reading other peoples stories on here, it has put my mind at rest a bit.  I hope all goes well for you on Wednesday and you get the all clear - will keep you posted on how I get on too.


Hi just wanted to give you an update:)

Went for colposcopy yesterday and the nurse said it only looks like mild changes and its nothing to lose sleep over.  She took a biopsy to be on the safe side and I will get the results in 2/3 weeks - if its clear will go back to my GP for 3 yearly smears, if not then will go back in 12 months.


Niki - I have just read your post and I am really pleased for you congrats hon x