Borderline after all clear (children mentioned)

I was diagnosed with stage 1a1 adenosquamous carcinoma in 2014 after my first smear and by the end of that year I was all clear.
We decided to try and start a family whilst I was clear and we still could. Luckily I fell pregnant straight away and gave birth to a beautiful boy in Sept 15 after many Labour complications due to cc treatment.
Last week I had my first check up since Nov 2014 as they could not test whilst I was pregnant. Apparently the smear results are borderline and I’m currently waiting for the results letter etc. to arrive. Not sure what this will now mean treatmentwise. All I know is it is in relation to glandular cells. Has anymore experienced similar on their check up?

Hi Natalie,

I'm so sorry to see that you've had no responses to this. I'm sorry to say that I cannot help at all but wondered if by now you had heard what's going to happen next.

Be lucky :-)